Why working out with a Personal Trainer helps you get the most out of your fitness routine.
You are more likely to attend.
Sure, you join a gym.  But will you go on your own?  If you have a booking with a real person, who cares about you and is committed to helping you, you are far more likely to show up and get moving!

Close supervision prevents injury and poor form.
Do you really know how to exercise? There is a lot of science and technique available these days.  A PT will watch you closely and make sure your exercise methods and techniques are safe and efficient.

Make the most of your exercise time.
You're busy and there are only so many hours in a day, right?  A PT will make sure your exercise time is well spent and extract maximum value out of that 30 mins or 1 hour. 

Program tailored to your specific needs.
Everyone has their own needs and goals.  A program of action that matches your individual needs is far more likely to produce results.

Encouragement and support.  
Self motivation is a great place to start.  However, a PT will be there when your mojo gets a bit low (it happens to everyone).  If you want someone to support and motivate you when you need it most, a PT will be there.

Track your progress. 
How do you really know if you are improving your fitness?  A PT will help you set realistic real goals, monitor your progress and make you accountable.

Adjust your commitment as required. 
Got a busy few weeks coming up?  It's OK, just have a chat to your PT and adjust your schedule.  You don't worry about some long term subscription or membership going to waste. And your PT will help you navigate busy schedules and breaks to ensure you stay on track.

Complete privacy. 
Discuss your well-being and fitness goals in person and be assured your personal information and data is private and never shared.  You are also able to conduct your PT session in complete privacy, one-on-one, without having to share space and equipment with anyone else.

Group support is there if you want it. 
Do you feel motivated when working with others?  Want to try exercise and fitness programs with a friend or relative?  Small group PT sessions are always an option too.

Open up new fitness and training posibilites. 
A PT will offer you more than just push ups!  Want to give running a try, or maybe you like the idea of Pilates? You may be surprised and inspired when you see some of the options available that can help you maximise your fitness goals.